Why Grading Your Golf Game will Lower Your Scores

Grading Your Golf Game

All of us have had those rounds where we start great and then we make a mistake and all of a sudden the wheels come off and we can’t believe we are playing so badly. Pars become bogeys and double and triple bogeys and all of a sudden we feel like giving up this great game. Grading your golf game helps.  Some of us turn to diet, we start eating certain food in the middle of a round, maybe throw in an alcoholic beverage to relax us, some of us even go to sports performance drinks to see if that will do the job, but still, it comes down to that 6 inches between our ears.

But there is a better way, there is a simple way to have a very short memory on the golf course which will help you focus on what you can control and get you to the next hole in a much better frame of mind and prevent yourself from blowing up.

You can’t control your score on a specific hole but you can control your attitude and the way you react to what happens. I am sure you have heard that before and vented, “Easier said than done.” Arnold Palmer said, “you can only control your golf shot until the 1st bounce” and as we know it can go left, right, forward, and backward, usually anything we don’t want it to do but that we cannot change, but we can change the way we react to it.

Negativity breeds negativity. So, first and foremost we have to have as little of that as possible during a round. We can also control the anger or the emotions that happen when things don’t go our way. We should also control how happy or excited you get when things do go well, you need to quickly get back to level.

Here is how I want you to play and score your next round of golf and see if this helps you out. On your scorecard use one of the open lines to grade yourself after every hole. I found that by assessing myself a grade A-D based on my emotions, negativity, disappointment, etc., I played the next hole free of the mental anguish and more level.

A: Good attitude, accepting, level emotions, no negativity.
B: OK Attitude, non-accepting, emotional wave, slight negativity.
C: Bad attitude, non-accepting, wide emotional waves, negativity.
D: Lost control, don’t care, this game sucks, emotional rollercoaster, high negativity.

Graded Score Card

When I play a hole badly and say make a double bogey but graded myself an “A” for attitude, I would look back on the hole and say, “well, I tried everything I could and that was just the way it worked out.” I would tell myself to keep up the good attitude and that kept me positive going to the next hole. It frees the mind to go to the next hole with a fresh, level attitude, just like you feel on the first tee where there’s no swing, shot, or score history, there’s nothing to judge yourself against yet.

Conversely, when I played a hole badly and graded myself with a say a “C” for a bad attitude I would go to the next hole checking myself and saying, I can do better on this hole if I have a better attitude. It stopped me from getting into that rut of bogey, bogey, bogey, double-bogey golf. Usually, when that happens you get on the bogey train that you can’t get off.

I found in the data that you get a lot less negative trains ruining your game by grading yourself, accepting the grade and telling yourself to do better this next round.

You will find that grading yourself puts what just happened in perspective and releases that energy. It helps you understand if there is something you could do mentally to create a better result on the next hole.

Try it for a couple of rounds and please take the time to come back and let us know how it worked out for you Have fun grading your next golf round and scoring much better.

Embrace Impact.

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Embrace Impact Hat Review at Phoenix City Championships

Golf Hat Review

This week in my golf hat review I road-tested my Embrace Impact – Flex Curved Trucker – Heather Grey/Black – Tan Leather Patch – 600 Series (Branded Bills HQ) Mesh Back Adjustable Fit hat at the Phoenix City Golf Championship 2021. This three-day event, each at a different course (GCU, Aguila, and Papago) was a real test as the pin positions were tough and the greens were hard and fast. When I had a tough hole I felt motivated to get back on track and make great connections on the next hole and give myself birdie chances. That’s the power of embracing impact.

With the weather hot and sunny in the mid to high 90s, it is important to wear sunscreen and keep hydrated as each course to walk is around 6 miles a day. Headwear is important as you don’t want a hat that is suffocating and creates more heat on your head. You want a hat that is breathable and blocks the sun’s rays from overheating you.

Studies have shown that your head releases about 10% of your body heat, but it also accounts for absorbing a lot of heat during a sunny day. Wearing the right hat in the summer will keep you cooler. Yes, it’s true. Hats that keep the hot rays off your head will keep you much cooler than if you let the sun directly blast your head and face. So combine these thoughts and have a hat that blocks the heat and releases body heat, right?

The hat felt light on my head the full three days, even when the heat peaked at 100 degrees and in the early morning round in the 70s. Walking increases your energy usage and body temperature, I have to say my head did not sweat profusely like some other hats made me sweat. It kept me feeling cool and protected me from the harsh sun’s rays. I could not be happier with our choices in the production of our Embrace Impact performance hats. 

Ian on Range at GCU
Phoenix Golf

Motivational Brand Launch, Embrace Impact Golf; Mental Toughness, Competitive Edge

Phoenix, Ariz. April 16th, 2021. Embrace Impact, a motivational golf brand, is proud to announce the release of its first line of golf hats for golfers and golf fans. Founded in 2021 the brand aims to help players build a strong mindset around impact by creating a swing-thought focus. Embrace Impact used Mesa, AZ-based Branded Bills’ custom program to manufacture the initial hat line incorporating the brand on a leather patch. The high quality of the Branded Bills hats and the selection is what convinced us to pick them as our initial vendor. The 600 Series, flex-curved, mesh-back, trucker hats were selected to launch the brand. The series is introduced in three colors Heather Grey, Charcoal, and Black. Early sales through the website and eBay have inspired the brand to continue expansion leveraging other on-demand merchandise producers. The next step is to service select retailers around the greater Phoenix area.

The Embrace Impact brand was conceived in Scottsdale, Arizona by a group of avid golfers who continually seek a mindset to improve their game, play better golf and produce lower scores. This motivational brand’s goal is to help build mental toughness and provide a competitive edge for semi-competitive golfers. “There are too many golfers who focus on all the wrong things where the only important thing is impact. Who cares if you are set correctly at the top of your follow-through looks like a PGA pro if you end up with average impact.” said Faith “The Embrace Impact brand reminds the player to focus on getting to a correct impact position. A lot of people spend a ton of money on golf lessons with PGA professionals only to forget everything out on the course. You don’t want too much racing through your brain but there should always be a focus on creating great impact, that is what separates those shooting low with those in the 90s and up.”

The brand also has a community mission. With every purchase, a portion of that sale goes towards impacting kids in underserved areas embracing them and bringing them to golf by supporting programs like Youth on Course, the First Tee, and local programs that allow access to golf. The life lessons golf teaches and is instilled in our youth are invaluable and lasting; etiquette, manners, sportsmanship, honesty, and camaraderie. We encourage golf course owners and operators to “Embrace the Impact” that these programs make in our communities.

About Embrace Impact
Embrace Impact isn’t just a brand, it is a community of golfers who want to gain a mindset to improve their golf game. Conceived in Scottsdale, Arizona by a group of avid golfers who continually seek a mindset to improve their game, play better golf and produce lower scores. This motivational brand’s goal is to help build mental toughness and provide a competitive edge for semi-competitive golfers. Some brands just make you look better, ours also motivates you to play better golf.

Media Contact
Ian Faith | GCG

Embrace Impact Putting

I am a PGA Professional (Class AA) and Specialist Putting Coach with a national reputation of successfully improving the game for all levels of player from amateurs through to Tour Players.

Aimpoint Certified

I have invested in the very best putting coaching technology and analysis systems to ensure the service I provide is as accurate as possible. I believe its is my responsibility to remain up to date with the latest coaching advancements and therefore I continually update my own education and maintain my qualifications as a Certified Aimpoint, Quintic and Capto Coach.

With my expertise, coupled with an unparalleled level of investment, I can guarantee to improve your putting game.

Now able to coach Aimpoint indoors & out 😃

Learn green reading skills here to #makeeverything #aimpointgolf 

What Embrace Impact Means to Me?

You should only have one swing thought in golf “Embrace Impact.” How will you make it your motivational trigger? How will you remember that?


A good golf swing has three parts: the backswing, impact position and follow through. 


What do all great golfers have in common? 

Backswing and follow-through are varied across the golfer landscape, from Lee Trevino, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player. Tempo and length of backswing are different from Tony Finau, Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson, and Bryson DeChambeau to name just a few. The one thing that is consistent and makes them all great players is “Impact” and you embrace it by making it your focus. That is why when pros start their warm-up sessions they start with small chipping shots to feel the position of impact at slow speed before they get up to full speed.

Mission Statement 

Embrace Impact isn’t just a brand, it is a community of golfers who want to gain a mindset to improve their golf game. They want a brand that will help their motivational trigger, “Embrace Impact.” 

It is FREE to join our community and receive tips from some of the top names in golf that will help you improve your impact. 

In life, if we don’t know where we are going we wander aimlessly looking for purpose. In the process of our golf swing, the destination is “Impact” and the journey is the pre-shot routine, the setup, the backswing, transition, power into the ball, and the destination, “Impact” – the release, and the follow-through completes the swing. We have all had a swing that we felt was perfect but the impact with the ball was wrong and the result was not to our liking. 

Some brands make you just look better, ours also inspires and motivates you to play better golf.

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Why Impact is All That Matters in the Golf Swing

Article from the

The golf swing can get complicated. All we are trying to do is hit a ball from Point A to Point B in as few attempts as possible.

When someone tells you to throw a ball to them, do you think about the plane of your shoulder turn going back or the position of your elbow as you are about to release the ball?

No, you just care about releasing the ball in the right direction with the correct speed, and without putting too much weird spin on it.

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What Do You Use for Inspiration to Promote Better Impact?

Too many times I would hit a bad golf shot and say to myself “You forgot to do this or that” worse still was that I was doing that on the range and hitting it great. In school when our teacher gave us an assignment or a lesson in something that required homework to lock it in. If we turned up the next day and didn’t remember any of it, our score on our test would be only our fault. The same thing goes when you have a golf lesson, these PGA Pros don’t just give you throw-away tips and advice, they want you to lock in what they are teaching you so they can add to it and improve your game.

“Impact” is the most important part of your golf experience (Outside of the 19th hole that is) We all want to hit better shots and have a better impact with the golf ball. I use my phone to take notes and reminders of things that I am working on. I grind on them while on the range and try to limit them out on the course. The one I focus on reminding myself about is embracing impact. I started writing it on my glove and then I started buying custom items with the brand on them. Now I have no excuse about forgetting to focus on impact and yes, it has cut strokes off my game and earned me cash from my friends.