What Do You Use for Inspiration to Promote Better Impact?

Too many times I would hit a bad golf shot and say to myself “You forgot to do this or that” worse still was that I was doing that on the range and hitting it great. In school when our teacher gave us an assignment or a lesson in something that required homework to lock it in. If we turned up the next day and didn’t remember any of it, our score on our test would be only our fault. The same thing goes when you have a golf lesson, these PGA Pros don’t just give you throw-away tips and advice, they want you to lock in what they are teaching you so they can add to it and improve your game.

“Impact” is the most important part of your golf experience (Outside of the 19th hole that is) We all want to hit better shots and have a better impact with the golf ball. I use my phone to take notes and reminders of things that I am working on. I grind on them while on the range and try to limit them out on the course. The one I focus on reminding myself about is embracing impact. I started writing it on my glove and then I started buying custom items with the brand on them. Now I have no excuse about forgetting to focus on impact and yes, it has cut strokes off my game and earned me cash from my friends.